Our Team

All of our counsellors have exceptional levels of practical experience,
not just as counsellors but in life itself.

Founding Partner

Having lived in Hong Kong for over 35 years and counseled for over 23 of those years, Chris and Lilian formed Perspection Limited in 2017 with some very clear objectives. The interest and acceptance of mental health support is rapidly gaining a strong foothold in both the local and expat populations in Hong Kong, after facing similar challenges experienced in many other places. Perspection is, first and foremost, client outcome-focused; everything that Perspection does has the client experience as its main consideration. Easy access to our services doesn't come from advertising extensively - many of our clients are from personal recommendations, which we have justifiable pride in acknowledging. The careful selection of our experienced and professional counselors is the foundation of our great service. A motivated and capable team provides a strong base for good outcomes for our clients, whatever their presenting issues. At Perspection, we do not compromise on our standards, and we have the diversity of experience and cultural backgrounds in our team to be able to help empower and grow our clients' confidence and resilience.
Founding Partner, Lead Counsellor
The positive effect of being able to share in a safe and non-judgemental space is so powerful in counselling – and Perspection is the perfect setting for this. My own positive approach has been built up over twenty years of personal and professional counselling experience.
With a depth of experience that comes from twenty years of working in international teams, I realise how important first interactions are for building confidence – and this is the foundation for counselling too. My desire to understand my clients is driven by building this confidence.


We carefully select our Perspection accredited counsellors based on broader criteria than just qualifications. Amongst our counsellors life experiences include an understanding of real time, high stress job environments, multi-cultural engagement, top level educational leadership, financial forensic analysis, adolescent development strategies, relationship/marriage breakdown and divorce, family communication issues – with such a broad range of experience, even if it hasn’t been directly encountered before, they will have the tools to help you move forward through the challenges.
I am a local Hong Kong bilingual (English, Cantonese, Mandarin) counsellor and psychotherapist who work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I transitioned from a 25-year career in higher education to counselling and psychotherapy in 2017. I use a person-centred approach with my clients and prioritise the value of “balance” in mental and emotional well-being.
Corporate Presenter
We only truly heal when we feel safe. And it's my privilege and joy to create safe, welcoming spaces for people to courageously meet themselves. Rather than avoid or run away from what challenges us in life, when we have the right tools and support, I believe that any difficulties are doorways to personal and professional healing and growth. My toolkit includes meditation, breathwork and mindset coaching, as I like to work with the mind and body, for an integrated approach to leaning into life's challenges.
Founding Partner, Lead Counsellor
The positive effect of being able to share in a safe and non-judgemental space is so powerful in counselling – and Perspection is the perfect setting for this. My own positive approach has been built up over twenty years of personal and professional counselling experience.
I believe in supporting clients on the development of mindfulness, acceptance, flexibility and self-compassion in pursuit of positive change. I work with clients experiencing issues relating to anxiety, depression, life and career transitions, hard decisions, self-worth and belonging. I primarily use ACT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing in counselling, depending on the client’s needs.
I have studied psychology and received training in various counselling approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Satir Growth Model, Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Motivational Interviewing, and Mediation. With extensive counseling experience, my therapeutic approach is person-centered, and I flexibly apply different counselling approaches to provide professional counselling in areas such as family and marriage, interpersonal relationships, emotions and mental health, personal growth, and career development, tailored to the situation and needs of the clients. I provide emotional support and assist clients in exploring internal and external resources to resolve problems.
I am an individual & couples mental health therapist with a goal-focused, action oriented approach bespoke for each client. My areas of focus are: confidence building/self-worth, career coaching & counselling, depression & anxiety, trauma & grieving, navigating life changes, third culture topics, family (parenting, adoption, fertility, aging parents, etc.) and sexual topics (orientation, intimacy, LGBT+, identity, etc.)
Regardless of what a client brings to the room, I feel it is my calling to every and each of them to create a nurturing and open environment, establish rapport, and facilitate a conversation that encourages them to be more truthful about their feelings, difficulties, yearnings and vulnerabilities. I believe that truthfulness inspires clarity, courage, and accountability.
Justin adopts an integrated and collaborative approach to help clients make sense of their lives and determine methods that help them adapt to challenges they are facing. He adopts therapeutic models such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) together with clients to craft a personalised process that makes sense and feels achievable to them. The problems that clients face often feel all consuming and it's imperative for coaches / counsellors to bring perspective through their support, and identify the small steps that can move clients in a direction that instills self belief, thereby creating momentum and a virtuous cycle of change.
Every client comes with unique motivations and events that have led them to seek support. Some proactively seek for themselves, some after trying many avenues, others still are prodded into action by the people or environments around them… Any path you take which brings you to counselling is okay because you got there. I aim for all my clients to feel accepted and positive in where our efforts will go together. You shouldn’t feel overly analysed but rather, listened to and empathised with. I may direct you toward some new insights or understandings that resonate or just offer the freedom of a cathartic rant if that’s what you need right now. We may even share a laugh together at times and that’s okay too. I have worked in education and mental health for more than 20 years, 13+ of those as an ‘international person’, gathering experiences from many cultures and broadening my perspectives. I’ve navigated the stresses of a personal, familial and professional life and through this come to 3 basic understandings: We need to belong… We need to be understood... We all need a guide sometimes...
Financial Counsellor
Sophie, a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, is known for her personalised and goal-oriented approach to financial counselling. With extensive experience in non-profit, consulting, and wealth management, Sophie combines the Money Coaching Institute Framework with evidence-based protocols to provide tailored guidance to each client's unique needs. Motivated by her own journey, Sophie is dedicated to helping individuals overcome financial denial, anxiety, or stress and cultivate financial confidence for a prosperous and fulfilling life. Clients can expect a professional and empathetic approach from Sophie, receiving the necessary tools and guidance to achieve financial goals and enhance overall well-being.
I specialise in individual counselling for adults, children, and teens struggling with all forms of anxiety, loss, and change. My clients are typically living in a state of stress and survival and are trapped in cycles of fear, overthinking, and self-doubt. If this sounds familiar, I can help you to feel safer, calmer, and more self-assured. Whether you are struggling with thoughts of not being good enough, a sense of purpose and meaning, relationship issues, parenting, career-related challenges, school and studies, grief, or other life transitions, I can help you find hope and a way forward. My therapeutic style alternates between holding space to facilitate the processing of emotions and a solution-focused approach according to the individual’s needs and preferences. I seek to empower my clients by equipping them with practical tools and coping strategies that allow them to regain a sense of control and better navigate any challenges that life may bring.
Our experienced and highly trained team of counsellors are here to help you thrive.

Confidence and engagement

Almost all of the counsellors at Perspection have done their Master of Counselling degrees through Monash University – one of the most highly regarded post graduate qualifications in mental health available. We certainly do not take qualifications for granted but you will see that we prefer to emphasise the experience of our counsellors rather than the degrees and qualifications held – although these do appear later for your inspection. As a group, we believe the single most important indicator of success is the confidence and engagement of our clients – and research confirms this – so we want to give you the best chance to make a good decision based on realistic knowledge.

Best counsellor match

We hope that your counselling experience lives up to our hopes. Certainly, we have many clients who have shared their positive experiences with us for your benefit and we share them with you for information. Choosing a counsellor is an important decision since you will need to have confidence in them moving forward. Our commitment to you is that we will try to match you with the best suited counsellor from our team who will work with you towards your goals.

We feel confident to say that you will get the best service in Hong Kong at Perspection – after all, our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Internal supervision program

Core to our practice is the concept of mutual support amongst the counsellors – if we don’t practice this then how can we advise you to look for your own resources and supporters? It may be surprising to learn that all counsellors are required to attend counselling themselves for a period of time during their training. At Perspection, we continue to encourage this practice through our internal supervision program. It is this commitment to each other as a group which separates Perspection from many commercial practices of individual clinicians operating in a common office space.