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Many people do not have a clear understanding of what support is available to them from the mental health sector. Broadly speaking, mental health can be considered as a spectrum, covering a wide range of options for help and support. The simplest division is between the two main methodologies of treatment – drug-assisted treatment and psychotherapy (often generically called “talk therapy”).

So, who does what and what is best for me? Psychiatrists are qualified and registered medical doctors who specialize in mental disorders. They can prescribe psychotropic drugs to treat more serious cases and cases where physiological causes may be at the root of the presenting issue. Usually, this is combined with psychotherapy by, or in conjunction with, the psychiatrist.

Psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors are also trained in “talk therapy” modalities. There are varying levels of support and practice. Sometimes a diagnosis is required, and psychologists are trained in this to satisfy some external requirements. However, all of these practitioners have one thing in common – the support and treatment of the presenting issues that are affecting you. There are different modalities that are used to help clients overcome certain traits and transient problems that a client perceives are leading to them seeking assistance.

Research shows, however, that a specific modality is less influential on the improvement in a client than many might believe. The most important factor in improving is the therapeutic engagement with the clinician. Getting a good clinician who engages with you is very important – so the choice of what type of help you choose should be driven by you at a personal level.

Face-to-Face Counselling

The classic approach to counselling (and still the most effective in our view). Perspection’s highly skilled counsellors will ensure you feel at ease from the very start of your first session. We attempt to ensure that administration doesn’t impact upon our sessions. Of course, with technology now being commonly used, we also embrace secure video conferencing using multiple platforms.

Frequently asked questions

What is counselling?

Counselling is part of the mental health treatment spectrum. It is a treatment that is based around exploring and understanding your own very particular circumstances.
It is based on “talk therapy”and does not include medication interventions.
The sessions are based around providing a safe and non-judgemental environment which allows you to be able to explore your challenges.
Importantly, your counsellor will not make any decisions for you but will help you to be able to make good decisions for yourself – since no one understands your life better than you.

How should I choose a counsellor? What should I look for in my choice?

Your choice of counsellor is important – to you. Feeling comfortable with one of our experienced and professional counsellors is very important because you may wish to share some difficult feelings or experiences. The ability to be able to share with your counsellor how you truly feel without being constrained by political correctness, societal norms, etc is the foundation for progress to be made.
You should always remember that our professional counsellors are there for your best interests and, if you should feel that the therapeutic connection isn’t there, then the counsellor will be happy to recommend someone who may be a better fit.

Is there something "wrong" with me if I feel that I need counselling?

Almost all of our clients do not have a diagnosable condition – it is usually a simple matter that they are facing challenges and environments that they have no experience of before.
So, we can view this as simply lacking the tools and skills to deal with unusual or different circumstances. Our counsellors will help you by examining the past and present experiences that have lead to your present feelings.

This is where highly experienced counsellors who have extensive life experiences as well as skilled approaches will help. They will help you towards a better understanding of yourself as well as the issues that you are facing.

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Financial Counselling for Individuals

A unique speciality provided by Perspection is the Financial Counselling service. Our qualified financial counsellors review, educate and empower clients whether they are trying to recover from financial problems or wishing to move forward to fiscal control and stability. Whatever stage in your life, a thorough review of your financial position usually reveals areas of potential improvement.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I need to consult a Financial Counsellor?

If you aim to achieve specific financial goals, wish to enhance your financial well-being, or simply want an annual check-up to ensure your money mindset and financial plan are on track, it’s important to consider consulting a Financial Counsellor.

It’s important to recognise that financial counselling is a flexible and individualised approach to financial education and guidance, benefiting a wide range of people, regardless of their financial situation or goals.

Is Financial Counselling only about budgeting and investment?

Money coaching goes beyond the numbers and often includes addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of personal finance.

While budgeting and investment are integral components of financial counselling, they do not represent its sole focus. Financial counseling extends beyond the numbers to encompass the emotional and psychological aspects of personal finance.

Financial Counsellors assist clients in understanding their beliefs, habits, and behaviours related to money, and how these factors influence financial decision-making. Additionally, it includes setting clear financial goals, assessing one’s relationship with money, engaging in short-term and long-term planning, and building financial confidence.

Is Financial Counselling only for people with financial problems?

A common misconception is that financial counselling is exclusively for individuals grappling with financial difficulties or debt. In reality, financial counselling is valuable for individuals across all income levels and financial situations. It caters to those seeking to improve their financial well-being, increase savings, or plan for the future.

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