Justin Kung (ENG/ CAN)

Senior Counsellor, working with corporates and individuals
Areas of Practice:
Employee assistance program (EAP), Face to face counselling, Telehealth, Critical Incident, Onsite Counselling, Training Presentations, Corporate training & development courses

Justin’s professional background spans 10+ years in roles across journalism, digital production, career coaching and innovation consultation before qualifying and starting his practice as a counsellor in 2020. Throughout his shifts across industries, his focus has always been on working with people to be the best versions of themselves, whether that meant telling a clearer story, creating a better product or implementing a better solution. Justin is driven by his own experiences, both as a seeker and as a provider of mental health support, to help those who are struggling to harness the strengths and weaknesses in their mental well-being. He has worked with over 400 clients in one-to-one environments across advising, coaching and counselling work.