Bachelor of Arts (Major: Psychology & English Lit.) - Monash University, Australia;
Post Graduate Diploma of Education (Psychology & English) - The University of Melbourne, Australia;
Masters of Counselling (Therapy) - Monash University, Australia

Areas of Specialties:
Personal emotional challenges
Emotional management
Major life adjustment
Parenting or children learning development
Marital or relationship improvement

Russell Duncombe (ENG)

Senior Counsellor, working with corporates and individuals
Areas of Practice:
Employee assistance program (EAP), Telehealth, Training Presentations, Corporate training & development courses

Every client comes with unique motivations and events that have led them to seek support. Some proactively seek for themselves, some after trying many avenues, others still are prodded into action by the people or environments around them… Any path you take which brings you to counselling is okay because you got there.

I aim for all my clients to feel accepted and positive in where our efforts will go together. You shouldn’t feel overly analysed but rather, listened to and empathised with. I may direct you toward some new insights or understandings that resonate or just offer the freedom of a cathartic rant if that’s what you need right now. We may even share a laugh together at times and that’s okay too.

I have worked in education and mental health for over 20 years, 13+ of them as an ‘international person’, gathering experiences from many cultures and broadening my perspectives. In this time I have come to 3 basic understandings that inform my counselling practice:

We need to belong… But families can become divided, relationships can end and our values can change. A counsellor is an ally with empathy, they are always on your side.

We need to be understood… The search for meaning in our lives or of those around us can leave us anxious and distressed. A counsellor provides judgement-free insight and a plan to follow.

We all need a guide sometimes… Yet the world can often remove them, or they cannot give us the objective insight we need. A counsellor is an objective guide for any challenge in life.

I have worked extensively with adults, adolescents and pre-teens experiencing challenges with (but not limited to): attention deficit disorders, autism spectrum disorders, familial and parental challenges, relationship/marital and family planning, separation and divorce, career and academic motivation, anxiety and depressive conditions, bereavement, post traumatic disorders, workplace harassment and bullying.

I generally use a directed conversational style reflective to the need of the individual. I make use of assessment tools only when they will assist to shape a greater understanding for the client or myself and help create a new way forward. Similar, I aim to guide the client reflectively dependent on their perceived need or provide more structured and goal oriented programs as desired.

You are always the most important person in the room. I look forward to supporting you.