Lilian Au-Yeung (ENG/ CAN/ MAN)


People are the foundation of our society, our work and personal spheres and, most importantly, our families and relationships. Understanding how we relate to others is not as easy as we like to assume. Our natural feelings come into play which is entirely proper but these feelings can confuse how we think of the world.

The temptation is to say to people that disagree with us “You shouldn’t feel that way.” This is both wrong and disrespectful as we are all entitled to own the feelings we have. What is more important is for us to understand why we feel a particular way. If you find yourself being told that you are wrong for feeling a certain way, it may not be you that is having difficulty dealing with a relationship but speaking with a counsellor might well help you understand more about the issues.

I love to help people discover more about themselves – usually by helping them to open up about what their values are and how these values define who they are. All too often I find that life gets in the way of having that clarity that can lead to contentment. Working with my clients is both a joy and immensely satisfying – I certainly look forward to working together with you.