• Modern Meditation Teacher - via Beanddo, accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professional
  • Certified Mindset Coach/Thinking Into Results Certified Consultant - via Proctor Gallagher Institute
  • Breathwork Facilitator - Integrative Breath, accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance
  • TOSA Method Breathwork Facilitation - trauma informed training
  • Advanced First Aid Training
Areas of Specialties:
Personal emotional challenges
Emotional management

Briony Gunson (ENG)

Corporate Presenter
Areas of Practice:
Telehealth, Training Presentations, Corporate training & development courses

I work as a mindset and business coach, breathwork facilitator and trainer as well as a meditation teacher. But I wasn’t always a “professional hippy”, as I like to playfully call myself… My origin story includes a 10-year corporate career in fast-paced digital marketing agencies, including being part of WPP and Omnicom in both London and Manchester, UK.

My passion for wellbeing and personal development was actually born out of my own suffering. Throughout my 20s, work-related stress brought on painful levels of anxiety that I kept hidden for years. Eventually, the constant emotional strain was severely impacting my physical health. I felt a lot of embarrassment and shame about my struggles, so kept it all to myself, until I was totally burned out and at breaking point.

On my journey to reclaim my mental and physical health, I fell in love with meditation, which was a huge surprise since I was totally rubbish at slowing down and could never switch off! That was the beginning of my Hero’s Journey, à la Joseph Campbell. The more I went down the rabbit hole of exploring human behaviour and observing my own mind, I began to see how I was the architect of a lot of my own suffering.

Along the way, I found teachers, training and practices – covering ancient wisdom and modern science – that not only helped me recover my sanity but from which I began to feel hope, excitement and joy again. I began applying these learnings in my professional career, and then training in the areas of meditation, coaching and breathwork. I felt a great sense of reward and purpose in guiding others to learn how to meet their own challenges in safe and empowering ways. So much suffering arises because we are not listening to ourselves. Whether that’s getting invested in a mental story that does not serve us, or neglecting red flags from the body telling us to slow down, or ignoring or not trusting those little intuitive nudges from our gut instinct.

Nowadays, I am annoyingly optimistic about being part of ‘Team Human’! I am honoured to support people with approaching the big questions in life: “What do you want? What’s really important to you? Where are you feeling stuck? How can you create the life you really want to live?” I wish for my clients the courage and curiosity to be with the full richness of the human experience: the light and the dark, the awesome highs and the crappy lows. You and I can work with it all, when we have the right skills and support.